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Bestseller-Soothing Calamine & Aloe Vera Vegan Face & Body Bar

Bestseller-Soothing Calamine & Aloe Vera Vegan Face & Body Bar

This soothing scent is a blend of Bergamot & Grapefruit.

Simple & Pure

Beautiful Calamine powder, Aloe Vera juice, and a good portion of Cocoa butter, create a rich lather and put this bar right over the top.

Each bar is hand cut and trimmed, and is approx. 5 oz. This listing is for 1 bar of soap.

Saponified oils: Olive, Coconut, Cocoa butter, Castor. W/ Aloe Vera juice, Calamine powder, Colloidal Oats, Pink rock salt, Bergamot & Grapefruit essential oils.

Skin benefits:

Calamine is best known as a skin soothing and calming ingredient.

It’s one of the best all natural minerals in the world to help you with skin reactions and helps your skin to feel calmer and more nourished.

Moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin

Soothes sensitive and easily irritated skin

Helps problem skin types

Helps calm complexion

Prevent Blemishes and Breakouts Naturally

Acne breakouts is annoying, there’s no getting around it, but if you’re looking for a non-toxic product to help with those blemishes, you can’t do better than calamine.

That’s because calamine is anti-bacterial and also a skin protectant. It means that calamine powder can be used to treat and then soothe your skin, all with just one product.

Give Instant Relief to Itchy and Eczema Prone Skin

If you’re suffering from eczema, you know how hard it can be to find relief for itchy skin.

With so many different products available on the market, finding one that does exactly what it says it will do is no small feat.

But calamine does what it says: it will relieve your itching.

While alone it won’t be able to cure your eczema skin issues, it can be used to bring immediate relief.

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