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Glacial Mineral Clay Mask

Glacial Mineral Clay Mask

Ultra fine & silky powdered clay from glacial run off from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It contains more than 30 beneficial skin minerals. FOR FACE, BODY & SCALP.

1.6 oz/46 g - 12 or more uses (based on 1 t per use)

Mix 1 teaspoon with enough purified water to form a paste. Smooth on avoiding eye area, rest until almost dry, then wash off.

*tip - mix in a container that has a lid and save any leftover mask for next time - simply rehydrate.

Glacial Marine Clay is the world’s purest & most mineral rich clay. It is created by the erosion & movement of glaciers off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada & has been maturing for thousands of years. The glacial run off carries vast amounts of precious minerals down river to the Pacific Ocean & becomes enriched with skin nourishing phytoplankton. This unique product of nature contains more than 30 beneficial skin minerals & rare earth elements. These minerals are proven to be essential for oxygenation, hydration, regulation & regeneration of epithelial cells - key to maintaining the balance of the skin microbiome. The process of it’s formation also gives the clay a negative charge, which in turn attracts bacteria, contaminants & toxins - all having a positive charge - thus revitalizing & deep cleansing your skin. Unlike other types of clay, Glacial Marine Clay leaves your skin feeling silky & hydrated rather than tight & dry.

100% pure organic sustainably sourced Canadian Glacial Marine Clay

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